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Rule #1 always post the rules. Rule #2 answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones. Rule #3 tag 11 people then link them in the post. Rule #4 tell them you tagged them. Rule #5 tell the person that tagged you that you’ve answered the questions.

Questions I was asked:

1. What is your favourite book? - Not possible to choose just one. I love the Kate Daniels series though, I’ve re-read them so many times together with the Dark-Hunter series and Chronicles of Nick. I honestly have a lot of books I love

2. What’s your favourite movie? - The Harry Potter Saga and THOR (of course because Chris Hemsworth you know)

3. What you would like to do in the future? - I’m on the path of becoming an Environmental Engineer though I’d love to be an interior designer

4. Do you want piercings or tattoos? - I want an eyebrow piercing. As for the tattoo, I don’t have anything I’d want on my skin for the rest of my life

5. When is your birthday? - 29th January

6. Do you like supernatural? - I don’t watch it but it’s impossible to be a JLA fan and not know who Dean and Sam are.Been meaning to watch it though

7. Are you a shy person? - Depends who I’m talking to. With my family and friends I’m not, with people I don’t know…. Well yeah I can be a little shy

8. Do you like to hang out? - I do though I prefer reading books sometimes more

9. Tumblr or facebook? - I spend more time on Facebook but I love Tumblr best

10. How many time you spend on tumblr? - 2 hours maybe 3

11. What is your favourite animal? - CATS ( includes cute little kitties, tigers, panthers, lions- all the feline species )

My questions:

1. How did you come by Tumblr ?

2. What’s one place you really want to visit before you die?

3. What’s your favorite birthday celebration ?

4. Do you read ( If so, how much )?

5. Favorite holiday?

6.Ever been embarrassed in public ?

7. Favorite hobby ?

8. People who inspire you ?

9. Zodiac sign ?

10. Ever met one of your tumblr friends ?

11. I’m out of ideas. Just tell me something you like.

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just because I’m not talking doesn’t mean I’m in a bad mood. Sometimes I just like to be quiet.

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